Here are summaries and links from presentations I have done for clubs and organizations on the topic of amateur radio.

  • Contesting for the “Little Pistol” – South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club, November 2016. A look at contesting from a beginner’s prospective, how to get on the air and into a contest, and what contesting can do for you beyond a score.
  • Grounding and bonding for the average ham – South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club, March 2018. Some basic techniques that every amateur should know about for improving AC safety, lighting protection and RF management.
  • Contesting: Beyond Field Day – South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club, October 2020. Focusing on contesting for the newer ham or one who is curious about contesting and would like to give it a try.
  • Remote Contest Operating – South Lyon Area Amateur Radio Club, April 2024. A look at various methods of participating in amateur radio contests away from the station, whether it’s your home station or one of the contest club or rental stations, with emphasis on controlling your home station from a remote location.