In the log at VK0EK

I’ve been listening the last few nights to the pileups on 40 meters for the VK0EK DXpedition to Heard Island in the south Indian Ocean. Propagation hasn’t been the greatest on 40 and I haven’t been able to hear them, though I can hear everyone trying to work them (they’re usually listening down from their transmit frequency, rather than up).

Tonight, though, I tried 30 meters, and found them at 10.116 MHz, sending VK0EK DN, so I tuned down, didn’t hear much, and set my transmit frequency to 10.114.5. Gave a few calls and heard them send ZM? a couple times, so I tried again, heard 8M? and with one more call got the reply I was waiting for. The usual 599 exchange, and I’m in the log, as shown in the screenshot of their live on-line logging:


Nice to be able to add another all-time new one. Thanks guys!