ARRL RTTY Roundup 2016

The ARRL RTTY Roundup is a friendly, fast-paced contest to kick off the new year. Everybody works everybody and the exchange (for NA stations) is simple. Only DX stations send a serial number. If you have gear to do RTTY, it’s a fun way to spend a few hours. Digital contacts are harder to come across than phone or CW QSOs, so it’s a great way to increase your state and country counts.

I’m not really set up for RTTY contesting but I make do with fldigi. It’s less convenient than using my other contest logging software but it gets the job done.

Station: NF8M
Class: Single Op LP
Operating Time (hrs): 4.5
 Band QSOs
 80:  28
 40:  42
 20:  38
 15:  18
 Total: 126 State/Prov = 40 Countries = 7 Total Score = 5,922
Club: Mad River Radio Club