January North American QSO Party, CW

cwkey_250The semiannual NAQP events are fun contests that run twelve hours. You can operate 10 of the 12 hours, and the exchange is simply your name and state. Many operators use a different name in tribute to an Elmer or a club member who has passed away (and most everyone in KP2 and KP4 uses ‘Chacho’).

I got on for a couple short periods in this weekend’s CW running, totaling just under four hours, and made 121 QSOs. Not my best showing by far – there was too much else to do, including getting outdoor work done in the balmy (45 degree) weather here in southeast Michigan, and a reception and performance by a friend of ours who is a rising star on the jazz vocal scene. It was my first time participating as a “team” member, having been assigned to team #4 by the Mad River/North Coast Contesters entry. My band/time management could use some improvement – I wanted to make some QSOs on every band but missed the optimal times on a couple bands like 10 and 40 meters. 160 was fun late but I didn’t get there until after midnight and could probably have made a nice run if I had more time.

Next week is the phone running and I’m sure I’ll be on the air as well. Tuesday night’s Phone Fray is a 30-minute version of the NAQP and a good tune-up.

 Band  QSOs  Mults
  160:   30    17
   80:   22    13
   40:    6     4
   20:   25    11
   15:   32    17
   10:    6     2
Total:  121    64  Total Score = 7,744